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Mehmet Cem ŞAHİN

Nowadays almost all of Turks interest in international relations. That is derived from different attitudes of politicians.

Turkish foreign policy has changed for two years. Historically, since Ottoman Empire period, Turkish states turned their interest to the West. Doing this, actually these organizations showed that experience with this geography was wrong. For example; drought, lack of water supply and hard weather conditions may be added besides most powerful enemy armies like Chinese. All these effect have been felt during the history. But main migrations occurred through medieval ages.  It is assumed that this period derived from Turkish communities’ acceptance of Islam. On this age the Middle East was not only geographically but also cultural center. This reflection could be determined as a direction any population who explored alternative living area. Furthermore, attending Turkish commanders to the Arab army on high positions and trade relations with Arab communities had triggered Turk’s first westernizations.

Islam Civilization had reputable also literature, medicine, mathematics and astronomy. Tabriz, Baghdad, Damascus and Alexandria were main center of that civilization. While that mobilizations were being hold old Turkish settlements lost their importance. Other parts of nation which stayed on the mainland will had been lost ties with another. It is not false to say that a new civilization had been began inevitably. Under the Roman Empire some Arab lands were harmonized with Ancient European civilization. Battling with Roman army got influenced to Islamic societies’ daily life. Nations’ interaction had started owing to Christians attacks to the Quds.

Almost all main influences on the history occurred near migrated Turks. Especially after the Anatolian period of Turks narrate us almost totally targeting West both as a land and culture. If we do not think about Iran. That is an extraordinary example for Turks. Although westernization that culture have affected since centuries. Especially Ottomans had played mutual role. Persian culture contained state organizations, language and even religious life. This was another step on westernization’s part of Turks.

In the light of these explanations it may be concluded that Turk states and society choose its civilization direction. A person can easily meet many Byzantium or Roman heritages. Balkans is another meeting point between Turks and the West. Since the Early years of the state Ottoman had always used war tactics and diplomacy over the West. The walking to west had stopped at Wien for Ottoman but even so still going. As long as Turks belong to Istanbul and Trakia it will going on.

In contrast to what supposed on Turkish revolution, new state only decided to keep that direction. Some revolution regulations such as education, theatre, operas and alphabet were used to ensure fully integration. Many establishments went on after revolution like post office, banking system, police office and army schools. Naturally, besides political choices Turks especially Ottomans developed commercial relations with Europe. Today, its many trade partnerships still western countries. Turkey’s role in NATO Alliance gave another importance to Turkey in relationships with the West. Korean war was any other exam of this relationship. And for many Turks western countries first destinations both education, work and doing business.

Nevertheless, as a diplomatic solution regard with international area it can change its perspective. But i should not a totally transformation. If it do, a voyage which have taken beyond centuries of these management understanding can be confused deeply. It also may deeply impact on society. Even though Russian tourism benefit or Chinese’ trade giant these brightness can cause addiction to eastern political interaction.

Political decision making is not thought only as a economical or defense. Besides above cultural and social background are not be ignored.

Turkish law systems, economic understructure and EU integration period will not permit easily. Nowadays most of Turks have many relatives among EU countries even USA or Canada. Turkish legal infrastructure came from mainland of Europe law. Not only private law but also criminal and constitutional system. Separation of the sovereignty have been experienced since the middle of the 1800’s. Turkey, as a state, nation and commercially a part of the West. Moscow or Beijing centered policy decision making can cause a defluxion from west-centered world. This is not easy problem for Turkish authority. Maybe its country will be shaped over the decades. Russia-Iran and Chinese bloc seems having so many benefits economically. And that can ensure to be felt much independent but it contains a separation to Turks from historical partners.

In conclusion, any state should keep in mind to be homo-economics. We must not do choose sharply. It also be reminded that Turkey is a bridge for east to reach to the west. And our benefits and prestige is related to the being a part of the EU. To being a part of eastern brings with itself many issues such as conflicts, separation from modern world and poverty. South Korea and Japan should be considered as western countries. But obviously when the national benefits require is may be tried to setting an alliance with Russia or China. That is basic diplomatic rule that “at diplomacy there is no permanent friendship or permanent hostility” While taking any decision must be behave calm down.


Mehmet Cem ŞAHİN – Law Expert

sahipkiran Hakkında

Sahipkıran; 1 Aralık 2012 tarihinde kurulmuş, Ankara merkezli bir Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezidir. Merkezimiz; a) Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin ülkesi ve milletiyle bölünmez bütünlüğünü savunan; ülkemizin her alanda daha ileri gitmesi ve milletimizin daha müreffeh bir hayata kavuşması için elinden geldiği ölçüde katkı sağlamak isteyen her görüş ve inanıştan insanı bir araya getirmek, b) Ülke sorunları, yerel sorunlar ve yurtdışında yaşayan vatandaşlarımızın sorunlarına yönelik araştırma ve incelemeler yaparak, bu sorunlara çözüm önerileri üretmek, bu önerileri yayınlamak, c) Tespit edilen sorunların çözümüne yönelik ulusal veya uluslararası projeler yürütmek veya yürütülen projelere katılmak, ç) Tespit edilen sorunlar ve çözüm önerilerimize ilişkin seminer ve konferanslar düzenleyerek, vatandaşlarımızı bilinçlendirmek, amacıyla kurulmuştur.

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